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Sunday, August 11, 2013

''I haven't been contacted by NDLEA and it would be a shame if they contacted me''...Tonto Dikeh

The actress spoke with The Nation Glamour about the controversial photos of Marijuana she posted on her Instagram page some weeks ago...read and excerpt of the interview below:
AS much as you have not denied posting the Marijuana pictures on Instagram most people seem not to believe the story; did you deny posting those pictures on Instagram because of the arrest threat by NDLEA?
No! I didn’t deny posting those pictures on Instagram because of the supposed threat of arrest by the NDLEA. I still have my Twitter and Instagram accounts and I will not delete or hide anything from anybody because I have nothing to hide. Anybody that wants to make any findings can access my accounts and view what they want to.
Were you shaken by the arrest threat by NDLEA?
I was never shaken by the threat from the NDLEA because I don’t think I committed any crime. I posted the picture with a different caption but an impostor with a different account used the same picture with another caption. That person has an account with my name and if you go through facebook or even Twitter you’ll discover that most celebrities have more than one account. I was not shaken or threatened in anyway because I know I didn't do anything wrong.
Have you been contacted thus far by officials of NDLEA?
I haven’t been contacted by anyone from the NDLEA and it would be a shame if they contacted me.
Was your Instagram account compromised?
My Instagram account was not compromised; I have an account on Instagram, when you are not verified because you have other accounts set up with your name by other people, then unsuspecting people may not know which account is the real one. When that picture was posted, it started trending because people who posted it did not care to verify whether the account was originally mine. Thereafter, I received a lot of backlash from the press; and everyone believed the story hook-line-and- sinker simply because it is Tonto Dikeh.

......................................I also hear the actress tried to commit suicide sometime ago......see what she posted on her Instagram page some weeks ago concerning the suicide attempt...after the cut:

Whatever the situation was at that particular point in time..thank God she did not see it through.


  1. Are u serious? Suicide?

  2. Oh dear, abeg donot take ur life no matter the matter.

  3. I thought you had a think skin, which I was so proud of. Why will u want to waste such gift that God has given to you? I know people can be sometimes unreasonable but you don't need to be carried away by what they say. You are a confident woman so don't let anybody take that away from u okay?

  4. No excuse for suicide my dear.


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