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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Nollywood Actor Benson Okonkwo Speaks On Gay Allegations And His Wedding Plans

Remember he played a gay role in a Nollywood soft porn gay movie, Pregnant Hawker some time ago...and ever since he has been tagged a Gay actor. But Benson and his girlfriend of over 8 years, Emelda Emells (pictured above) have decided to tie the knot by December.
When asked if he was a ladies' man the Nollywood actor said:
I’ve got all it takes to be a ladies’ man.  I am hot, I am a head-turner anywhere I go. But it is not all ladies that say “hello” to you  that you respond to. This is because I have a girlfriend I am seriously in love  with. I believe one is enough.
On homosexuality and sexual harassment in Nollywood, he also said:
Sexual harassment is everywhere, even in the banking sector. Thank God  I have not been sexually harassed before now. It is not about how many producers or directors you sleep with.
What matters is if you are talented. You can sleep with everybody without being able to deliver. But if you are good and God is by your side, you can go places. Actually, a colleague of mine was the brain behind the gay rumour.  They feel threatened because of my good looks. 
I don’t know if homosexuality exist in Nollywood but I have not experienced it before in the industry – although I have been harassed sexually outside the industry. When they approached me, I simply rejected their request, telling them they met the wrong person. I might look like a gay man, but I’m not.  Interestingly, I try to convert them to become  my friends whenever they approach me.
...btw, whats with the boobs grabbing?


  1. Remove ur hand from there, yeye boy.

  2. Happy for them. They look so happy. Nollywood stars are always in the habit of tearing each others apart.

  3. I actually thought he was gay.


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