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Sunday, August 11, 2013

WONDERS: Nike Oshinowo Is Organizing A Beauty Pageant To Produce A Queen That Will Reign For A Hundred Years

When asked if she was done with  pageants the 47-year-old  former most beautiful girl in Nigeria said…
Currently, I am working on a huge project which is the Centenary Pageant. We want to find one lucky young lady who will be a visual living symbol of Nigeria’s amalgamation. She will be a representative of all things good and patriotic about Nigeria. She will reign for a hundred years and for the rest of her life. This pageant will take place every hundred years and it’s quite a phenomenon. We want someone who is versed in our culture and embodies everything Nigerian.
And on why the organisation of the Nigeria pageant was taken away from her , she said:

I did not have to leave the pageant and it was not taken away. We signed an agreement from the beginning and my contract was three years. In three years, you can only do two pageants. My agreement expired that January.
She also said:
 Someone told me she read somewhere that I had Botox. Don’t they know that if you have Botox injections, your face can’t move? Look at me, my face moves and creases. I give the credit for my looks to God for my good genes. When God gives you something, you look after it.
Wonders shall never end be


  1. What kind of aspiration is that? I don't see it succeeding at all.

  2. This is good. We should try and encourage her instead of bad-mouthing her pls.

  3. No sense in this at all. Please Nike try ur hands on something else. And stop making us laugh at u. Generational beauty queen? So ludicrous.

  4. Ewu. Relax nd park well. 100 years ko, 100 years ni.

  5. Does Nike think with her ass or her head? Hundred years? She must be a joker? So Somebody wins the crown will the person be alive to crown the next queen? Rubbish attention seeker.

  6. Very unrealistic.

  7. Its not her fault they've dumped her from organising pageants in Nigeria so she have to make her self relevant. But she should have come up with something reasonable at least.


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