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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Its Official! Chris Brown Confirms Break-Up With Karrueche Tran Over Over Rihanna

Well, we can't say that we didn't see this coming..
Chris Brown and former model Karrueche Tran have officially ended their 2-year relationship.

Chris Brown has officially told the media that he and Karrueche are over because he doesn't want to see her hurt anymore. He said:
“I don't want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna. I have decided to be single to focus on my career. I love Karrueche very much but I don’t want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna.”I’d rather be single allowing us to both be happy in our lives.”
Damn, like that Chris? smh
Read the confirmation tweets from all parties involved and see new photos of Chris and Rihanna hanging out at the Jay-Z concert last night after the jump!

Earlier this week Chris Brown & Kae jetted off to New Your for a few days, and Chris’ ex Rihanna just so happened to be in town.
 The two former lover hung out and partied together later that night, with Chris leaving Karrueche at her hotel.
 Chris and Rihanna were spotted coming out of their hotel together (they both coincidentally staying at the same hotel, diff rooms) and rumors sparked once more that they were still getting it on.
On Oct. 2nd, Karrueche sent out a series of tweets that confirmed her and Chris’ relationship was on the rocks. She sent out these mysterious tweets:

 Chris then sent out a tweet right after which said,

Karrueche followed up with,

The next night, Chris was seen hanging out with Rihanna in VIP at the Jay-Z concert in Broooklyn with his arm around her  in the photo below...

Karrueche then sent out one last tweet that simply read

 And the next morning she was on a flight out of New York.
Rihanna  also tweeted in the middle of the whole drama as seen below:
 Chris Brown wasted no time in responding on twitter too that:
We can't say this is all too surprising, but I think everyone is just about over the Chris/Rihanna/Karrueche love triangle anyway. Chris and Rihanna just need to go ahead and be together and stop playing games. Sorry, Karrueche.


  1. You are right, Chris and Rihanna really need to go ahead and be together and stop playing games.


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