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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Robotic Suitcase That Doesn't Need To Be Carried Around

A robotic suitcase has been designed that follows travellers around, removing the need for them to carry their luggage. Though it isn't clear how it might react if you are running to catch a flight but a young inventor has come up with a 'robotic' suitcase that requires no carrying.

The suitcase, called Hop, is self-driving and allows travellers to walk unburdened by the weight of their bags.
The prototype connects to a Bluetooth signal from its owner's phone and rolls after it, a short but constant distance behind. If the signal is lost - a real possibility should the traveller have to run for a flight - the suitcase locks to make itself secure.
It then makes the phone vibrate, alerting the owner to the fact it has stopped. The bags can be programmed to follow each other in a line and there are hopes that they could one day replace the need for conveyor belts and luggage carts in airports. *Woo! I'm loving this.*

And to the most interesting part of it all, travellers can also buy luggage that carries them along with their belongings. The suitcase scooter makes the long walk to the boarding gate a thing of the past.

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