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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chris Brown Paid $1M To Perform With Wizkid In Ghana And Smoke Weed On Stage

Chris Brown and Wizkid performed on stage in Ghana last night March 5th at the rLG's Hope City Launch Concert at the Accra Sports Stadium.
Chris Brown was the headliner for the concert and brought Wizkid on stage to perform with him.
While performing one of his songs, Brown happily asked:
if there were weed smokers in Ghana and proceeded to say “if anybody’s tripping on you smoking weed, fuck them”.
He pulled out a rolled ‘joint’,  light it up and smoke live on stage...wow... from what I hear, ''No Ghanaian entertainer dare do this openly in Ghana and go free''. The police would have been on him or the crowd would consider it extensively offensive. However, Chris Brown came, did it and flew away!
 Also their are reports that Chris Brown was paid a whooping sum of $1M to perform at the launch.

Ghana's decision to pay the Beautiful People star the substantial amount has been labelled a "misplaced priority" and many have highlighted that the country are still battling with ensuring there is "constant water".
A source said: "This whole money is coming from political coffers trust me. Million are waiting for a night show with Chris Brown but our lights still go off all day and night…
 ... Ghanaians please can you people should stop complaining at least you guys paid an entertainer $1,000,000 to thrill you guys and probably smoke some weed...lol....what did we pay Kim K the same amount for?

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