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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Meet The Woman Who Prides Herself With Having Sex With Only Married Men To Help Improve Their Marriages

Serial mistress Lee Romain  who loves sleeping only with other people's husbands believes married men make better lovers and insists that far from wrecking marriages, her sex with these married men actually IMPROVE their relationships with their wives .
The 44-year-old business consultant says:
 “I prefer them because they’ve only had one woman to please for a very long time before they meet me — and it’s much easier to perfect their skill.

“Married men are wonderful — they tell you that you are beautiful, they take you out for delicious meals, they give you presents and have lovely manners, as they are well trained by their wives.
“Because so many of the men I meet hardly get any sex from their wives they are so grateful in bed and they really want to please you. I’m definitely not looking to split up marriages — I think I actually enhance them.
“Some of the men I see say their marriages are much better because they are having sex with me. They go home much happier to their wives. One man stopped seeing me because his sex life with his wife improved so much.”
Lee started having affairs with married men after her partner, who was 28 years her senior, became impotent through illness. He finally died after they had been together eight years.

She recalls:
 “I am a very lively and attractive woman and the lack of sex was driving me crazy. I even took up running marathons to try to get rid of my sexual energy.

“Then I found an extra-marital website - illicitencounters.com - which caters for married people who want affairs, but not to destroy their marriages.
“It was ideal — I got all the fun of a date, fabulous sex with a very grateful man and none of the responsibility of a relationship.
“I didn’t feel guilty then and I don’t feel guilty now. After my partner died, instead of looking for a new relationship with a single man, I prefer to date married men.”
...seriously, does flings in any way IMPROVE marriages?

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