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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Beverly And Angelo Say They Did Not Have Sex?

According to reports reaching me, some days ago when Angelo was discussing with Beverly he asked her:
"What do u think of me not tryna have sex with u?
And Beverly replied:
"It's good, it's a nice thing cos its rare".
Story story...so are they saying it was just a harmless bath they had that fateful night? Do you believe them?

UPDATE: The daily show I managed to watch, I heard Bev telling Angelo:
''I want you sexually...I mean it...I'm serious...I know it has never happened....''
Though Angelo didn't utter one word and they were completely covered in their thick blankets.

See more on Bev and Angelo below:


  1. And they epect us to believe that crap?

  2. Is Angelo impotent or what?

  3. Na so. We hear una. We be like mumu for una eye abi?

  4. That's not possible, dey cannot deceive us.


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